Hello all, popping in here from the Jalopnik side to ask a tech question of you all. Right now I'm currently on an AT&T prepaid plan, and as I am going to college in the fall, my parents have acquiesced to my request for a smartphone.

So saw WWDC yesterday, saw new iOS but no mention of a new handset. So. If I were to buy an iPhone (and this is still an if), should I buy the 5 right now, or wait for the new one. I haven't heard a conclusive date for the new one other than "this fall."


Another thing for you guys to keep in mind, I'll be switching from a prepaid plan to my first two year contract. Taking into account AT&T's new 24 month upgrade policy, how best should I plan my purchase? And yes, I'll be sticking with AT&T as I get a solid 20% discount through my university.

School starts in mid-August, which is before any new iPhone will be released. So I guess the real question is, do I get an iPhone 5 before school starts, or go back to school with my prepaid dumbphone, wait it out, and then get the new iPhone?

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